Health Tips: Gallbladder surgery

What's the Gallbladder?
service-general-surgery·The gallbladder is really a pear-formed organ that rests under the right part of the liver.
·Its main purpose would be to collect and focus a new digestive liquid (bile) made by the liver. Bile will be launched from the gallbladder after consuming, aiding digestion. Bile travels through narrow tubular stations (bile ducts) in to the small intestine.
·Elimination of the gallbladder isn't connected with any impairment of digestion generally in most people.
WHAT CAN CAUSE Gallbladder Problems?
·Gallbladder problems are often caused by the current presence of gallstones which are often small and hard, consisting mainly of bile and cholesterol salts that type in the gallbladder or in the bile duct.
·It will be uncertain why some individuals form gallstones but danger factors include being feminine, prior pregnancy, age over 40 yrs and overweight being. Gallstones are also more prevalent as you obtain older and some social people may have a family group history of gallstones.
·There is not any known methods to prevent gallstones.
·These stones may impede the flow of bile out from the gallbladder, leading to it to swell and leading to sharp abdominal discomfort, vomiting, indigestion and, sometimes, fever.
·If the gallstone blocks the normal bile duct, jaundice (a new yellowing of your skin) can occur.
How are usually These nagging problems Found and Treated?
·Ultrasound is mostly used to get gallstones.
·In some more complex cases, some other X-ray test like a CT scan or perhaps a gallbladder nuclear medication scan enable you to evaluate gallbladder disease.
·Gallstones do not disappear completely on their own. Some could be managed by producing dietary adjustments temporarily, such as reducing excess fat intake. This treatment includes a low, short-term achievement rate. Symptoms will ultimately carry on unless the gallbladder will be removed. Treatments to split up or dissolve gallstones are usually largely unsuccessful.
·Surgical elimination of the gallbladder may be the respected and safest therapy of gallbladder disease.
What are the Benefits of Performing Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal?
·Rather when compared to a five to seven in . incision, the procedure requires only four little openings in the stomach.
·Patients will often have minimal post-operative pain.
·Patients usually experience quicker recovery than open up gallbladder surgery patients.
·Most patients go back home the same day time of the medical procedures and revel in a quicker go back to normal activities.
Are you an applicant for Laparoscopic Gallbladder Elimination?
Although there are lots of benefits to laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, the task may not be befitting some patients who've severe complicated gallbladder disease or previous upper stomach surgery. An intensive medical assessment by your individual physician, in discussion with a surgeon been trained in laparoscopy, can determine if laparoscopic gallbladder removal can be an appropriate process of you.
What Preparation is necessary for Laparoscopic Gallbladder Removal?
·The following includes common events that could occur ahead of laparoscopic surgery; nevertheless, since each individual and surgeon is exclusive, what will really occur could be different:
·Preoperative preparation includes bloodstream work, medical assessment, and an EKG based on your age group and medical condition.
·After your surgeon evaluations with you the possible risks and great things about the operation, you shall need to provide written consent for surgery.
·It is preferred that you bath the night time before or morning hours of the operation. Your surgeon may want you to use an antibiotic soap also.
·After midnight the night time before the operation, you ought not to drink or eat anything. You might take medications your surgeon has informed you're permissible to get with a sip of drinking water the
morning of surgery.
·Drugs such as for example blood thinners, anti-inflammatory medicines (arthritis medications) and VITAMIN E ANTIOXIDANT may need to end up being stopped temporarily for a number of days to weekly prior to surgery.
·Quit smoking and request any help you might need at home.
·Do not really shave your stomach before surgery.

What should you know before renting a dumpster?

dumpsterBefore You Lease a Dumpster, This is exactly what you should know
It may appear to be an easy move to make, but renting a dumpster is a thing that you need to take some right time to analyze. The point of the article is to help you with the dumpster rentals for hauling trash procedure, also to give you tips on which to look for.
So, how can you distinguish between your companies that do an excellent job and those that don’t do this type of good job? The very first thing is to make certain the ongoing company 's been around for a while. This shows that the business is run nicely, and does an excellent job keeping customers delighted; otherwise they wouldn’t become around anymore. Make sure the business 's been around for at least per year or 2; there are a great number of pop-up dumpster rental companies that make an effort to make it in the continuing business but fail. DON’T drop victim to the situation. You may get this information by just web searching or phoning the company directly. When you contact, be sure you get obvious cut answers because in the event that you don’t, it is possible to bet that whenever it’s time to pay out them, it won’t become everything you agreed on.
Local Companies VS National Companies
You will save additional money when you work with your neighborhood Dumpster Rental Companies since they don't have the overhead these big companies have. Renting from the local hauler should provide you with the confidence that customer support and a job done well are anticipated for you. These local companies are family owned and/or little usually, so that you can bet that they satisfaction themselves in performing the best they are able to on any work as no business (specifically locally) wants a negative reputation.
Exactly what is a Tipping Cost, and Why it’s Vital that you?
Nearly every Dumper Rental company pays what's known as a “tipping charge” to landfills. A tipping cost is what landfills cost dumpster businesses to dump waste materials at the landfill. What's charged is the level of weight of materials they are dumping.
Here is a good example of how exactly it affects you (the client):
Let’s say for instance, that you rent a new 10 backyard dumpster for $300 with a 1 ton control. You should remember that some ongoing companies won't add a ton limit plus some will; this will be something you need to search for in a hauler organization because it can include up in the event that you review the weight restrictions. Let’s say your bodyweight happens to 2 tons now; the average price is about $50/ton on the limit. Which means that you'll really find yourself owing $350 rather than the original $300. These costs can’t continually be anticipated, but once you learn about these possible costs in advance, you won’t feel ‘worked well over’ and you'll be prepared for it.

Tips on choosing experienced, quality legal assistance

Do you want experienced, quality legal assistance? There are many reasons why someone may need the ongoing services of an attorney. Of why you will need a good lawyer regardless, it is very important carefully choose one very. Read the below post for excellent tips about selecting a great attorney and handling them properly.
lawYou always have to be researching a lawyer’s history to hiring them prior. Because the lawyer is permitted to practice does not really imply that he is effective. This will assist you to feel assured about your representation.
Be sure that it is possible to always contact your attorney. Lots of people who hire attorneys complain about the problems of reaching their attorneys. Select a lawyer who comes with an efficient support personnel so phoning them is easier.
It’s smart to have a new retainer lawyer in the event of disaster. That method, you don't feel plenty of pressure and may take enough period to find the ideal attorney. Keeping a lawyer on retainer gives you the luxury of having access to advice always.
Specialty lawyers tend to be more costly by the full hour, however they take fewer hrs to perform a specialty task. It is because an attorney would you not specialize in a location will have to research similar instances while an expert will currently have the information had a need to try your case.
Your lawyer and you ought to think up a right time that you could meet so you’re in a position to touch base. Some lawyers are difficult to reach as they are hired soon. Setting a schedule in early stages will assist prevent these types of problems.
Before researching lawyers on your own, speak to others. By talking to friends, family and neighbors, you may be in a position to get a great recommendation on an attorney that successfully handled an incident of theirs. This can help you discover someone great immediately.
You shouldn’t be hesitant of asking your lawyer numerous queries. A lawyer that's good will give often you detailed updates. If not, you will need a new lawyer.
When you are searching for a lawyer, ensure that they focus on the kind of case you're seeking. Lawyers possess their specialties, and all are different. This may make or crack your case.
Don’t hesitate to ask your attorney when you can perform certain small jobs to be able to trim your expenses. You may help with paperwork. If courthouse files are needed, enquire about personally picking them around avoid spending the office staff so you can get them.
If an attorney says your case is easy or an easy task to win, you need to probably find another attorney. If you have a lawyer who thinks a case is really a slam dunk, you’ve simply met a negative lawyer. Legal matters could be difficult, and that means you should have an attorney who will search for flaws and get all facts under consideration. Create a smart choice.
If you have a lawyer on retainer, ask him for a suggestion for an expert if he cannot deal with your case. All attorneys have their very own specializations. Your present lawyer will get you a fantastic lawyer for the specific needs. In case you are within an existing attorney-client partnership, the lawyer will be committed to causing you to happy, and will desire to offer you with advice.
Make use of the Web as a way to help you look for a good lawyer. Nowadays nearly every business online includes a presence. Check out the law firm’s web site to make sure that it includes a professional appearance. If it looks like an amateur web site, you may be coping with inexperienced lawyers.
Speak with the attorneys that you might hire about obtaining a list of the customers they have right now and have had previously. Any decent attorney will undoubtedly be willing to do that request since they’re assured that they can perform the job. Speak to some social people on the list to make sure they really liked the services rendered.
Do you not need enough money for an attorney? Don’t hesitate to look at legal aid. Legal help helps find you an excellent lawyer that may take your case free of charge. They donate some of their own time helping those that lack the money to cover their own attorney. You need to be able to see them in your White Webpages.
Coping with your lawyer ought to be both helpful and productive. You should possess a comfortable feeling concerning the lawyer that you employ. Use everything you read right here and use it to locate a great lawyer.

Storage Tips

self-storageStorage Tips provided by portable storage columbus ohio:
Insure your belongings during storage. Your house owner's insurance might not cover you.
Place any items which you may want to reach often in leading of one's space and clearly mark the contents.
Once you pack your space for storage, develop a centre aisle for usage of all items.
To save space store sofas and love seats at a time and when possible remove legs from tables.
Keep your belongings off the concrete floor and from the space for storage walls. Placing them on wood pallets can help prevent damage from condensation and improve air circulation.
Drain all liquids from lawn mowers, power tools, boats, autos, snow-mobiles & containers to avoid fires and harm to your equipment.
Cover your furniture with this specially designed protectors.
To raised protect your belongings, properly pack them in boxes with packing paper, bubble wrap or peanuts.
Use trash cans to store  shovels, rakes and hoes.
Per your Rental Agreement and/or state laws, never store flammables, stolen property, perishables, guns, explosives, ammunition, anything dead or alive, food of any type, collectibles, heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, or any property having special or sentimental value.
Always use top quality locks on your own unit. Locks are for sale to sale inside our office.

Stopping Animal Intruders

Animal offenders, like raccoons, squirrels, bats as well as birds, can find refuge and having their nests places exactly where they may. That could be your own home, especially your attic room. This is definitely real when cool weather strikes, or throughout the spring or early summer season when children are on the way.
The particular problems pets can generate surpass the particular mess, smell and wellness concerns coming from their particular urine plus feces. Pets within the attic room can harm duct work plus insulation, since well since wiring, which usually can develop a fire threat.
You can hire animal removal services or just simply follow these types of suggestions regarding preventing pets from getting into your house:
· Examine your house inside plus out regarding areas prone to admittance, repairing any kind of rotten wooden or reduce shingles plus sealing still small spaces. Bats, for example, can obtain inside your attic room by way of a half-inch crack. Along with your roofing and house, look regarding loose vent out screens, bended siding or even holes. Along with your fireplace, be certain there are a cap, preferably installed with a display screen. Maintain your flue closed whenever not being used. Be certain you can find zero attic admittance points inside soffit ports and ligament. Guarantee the attic room exhaust cooling fan opening is usually properly set up and protected.
· Trim trees and shrubs, or employ a shrub service, therefore branches may lead squirrels or raccoons straight to your own house.animal_removal
· Follow this concept to cover up utility cables that squirrels may navigate to obtain on to your roofing and into the attic: Within a 4-foot PVC pipe, lower a range from finish to finish. Slip this within the cable. Once the squirrel attempts to stroll across, this will can fall like the lumberjack shedding a log-rolling contest.
· Repel raccoons simply by tightly covering up outdoor trash cans. Think about putting garbage out inside the early morning of selection rather than the evening before.
· Be wary associated with flap-style family pet doors, which usually can end up being an front entrance for unwanted animals. Think about electronic doorways instead.
Employing a creature elimination specialist
Regarding any amount of reasons, which includes safety plus convenience, you might prefer in order to hire somebody to get rid of animals plus deal along with the followup. When choosing a creature elimination expert, think about these factors of services:
· Full services vs. essentials: Some businesses focus just on getting rid of animals , nor do any kind of repair or even prevention function. Understand what providers you desire just before you contact so a person don’t waste materials time.
· Methodology: Some businesses offer gentle trapping plus relocation versus more fatal means associated with removing pets. Some provide alternatives in order to poisons. Understand what you desire before a person call.
· Size matters: Several companies concentrate on little animals while some handle just with individuals squirrel-sized or even larger. Businesses focusing upon bugs plus rodents may not handle wild pets in any way. End up being sure a person understand what providers your potential critter catcher offers.
· Pricing: You might notice one pet but right now there may end up being a lot more within your house. Be crystal clear about how exactly the particular company you utilize charges. Many charge with the number associated with large pets, even though some may count children together mature.
· Dead or even alive: Pet removal businesses will most likely get rid of carcasses that will local government agencies, generally called Pet Control, may not. This might involve needing to get directly into crawl areas, attics, or even break all the way through walls, therefore be ready for extra costs based on just how difficult you should reach the particular critter.

Several Dog Training Tips

Here are several doggy training tips about how to walk your puppy and expert the canine walk. dog_training
Walk within front  with your puppy. Jogging before your own dog enables you to be noticed because the package leader. Alternatively, if your own dog settings you upon the stroll, he’s the particular pack head. You ought to be the particular first a single System.Drawing.Bitmap doorway as well as the very first one within. Your puppy need to be next to or at the rear of you throughout the walk.
Use the short canine leash. This particular allows you to definitely have a lot more control. Fixing the teacher towards the extremely top from the neck can assist you more quickly communicate, help, and right your puppy. When you require additional assist, consider
Keep your own dog's protection in your mind whenever giving modifications.
Provide yourself sufficient time for your dog stroll. Dogs, want humans, are usually diurnal, therefore taking moves each morning is perfect. I suggest establishing aside half an hour to the full hour. The particular requirements of every canine differ. Seek advice from your doctor and maintain a good eye in your dog's habits to notice if their needs are usually being fulfilled.
The way to reward your puppy during the particular walk. Right after your puppy provides maintained the particular proper mind-set, reward your pet by enabling him to alleviate himself plus sniff about. Then a person have to determine when praise time is usually over. It will always end up being lower than the particular time invested focused upon the stroll.
Maintain leading, sometimes after the particular walk. Once you get house, don't cease leading. Have got your puppy wait around patiently whilst you set aside his teacher or pull off your shoes or boots.
Prize your doggy following the stroll. By giving the meal following the walk, you might have allowed your puppy to "work" for meal and water.

Four Approaches to save money for Spring Cleaning

 There are a variety of ways to invest less money during the springtime cleaning process. Listed below are four good techniques I use in my house. In any case you can use all these tips or to hire the best maid services in your city.cleaning_
  • So, the first tip is to use charcoal briquettes to eliminate odors. In case you have any odd smells in your house, one good way to get rid of them would be to simply go out within the garage, dig into the bag of grilling with charcoal, take one briquette and stow this near where you scent the odor. Grilling with charcoal naturally eliminates smell. The only catch is that you simply shouldn’t do this along with charcoal that has lighter in weight fluid already drenched in, as you will start smelling that will lighter fluid almost everywhere. There’s another small exception to the grilling with charcoal trick: the rubbish disposal. Here’s a much better strategy for eliminating all those odors.

  • Clean the particular refrigerator coils. Nearly every refrigerator gradually accumulates a thick coating of dust around the rear coils. Fridge use tends to draw that dust within over time. As it develops, it can actually affect the effectiveness of cooling, producing your refrigerator operate less efficiently plus gobble up even more energy, which will possess a direct impact on your time bill. You can take proper care of that by softly cleaning the dirt from the coils. Indeed, it does involve shifting your refrigerator a little so you have access to the rear, but it’s the doable task after some bit of help. Vacuum pressure can easily remove the dirt from the coils, you can also remove it by hand or even with other cleaning products depending on what’s hassle-free for you.

  • Make your own cleansing solutions. When you are scrubbing down areas, windows, floors along with other parts of your house, it is inevitable that you will need to buy a few cleaning supplies. In our house, we simply pull out a container of all-purpose solution from the pantry, which usually works for almost every thing. Not only that, we allow it to be from just a few components, which we purchase at the store within large containers, decreasing the overall cost of the cleaner down to several cents. You can do this, as well. Take a spray container that holds regarding 2 cups of water. Add 1 tsp of castile cleaning soap, 1 teaspoon associated with borax and fifty percent a teaspoon associated with washing soda. After that fill up the container with warm water, plus mix it softly until thoroughly mixed. This stuff cleans from windows to tabletops really well.

  • Collect all the stuff you haven’t used since final year’s spring cleansing and get reduce it. Most of us find yourself saving at least a few things we do not really need. We keep items for nostalgic reasons or due to the fact we believe we will find use for all those items down the road. The issue is that a lot of those products just become mess - they sit down there unused, collecting dust. Don’t allow that happen. The very best strategy I’ve discovered is to simply eliminate everything I haven’t used since the final spring cleaning. Basically haven’t touched a product in a year, I really have zero reason to keep it close to. This usually means a number of big bags associated with trash, but it also often means a little bit of profit.

Rug-Cleaning Strategies

You will find two main strategies of rug cleaning: dry cleaning and warm water extraction. Contact a professional rug cleaning services to find out what is the most effective method for your kind of rug. Several varieties of rug could also propose the most effective strategy be used.

  • Warm water Extractionrug cleaning
 This specific rug-cleaning method is generally known as steam cleaning. Warm water extraction forces warm water based cleaning solution into your rug under high-pressure, then sucks it back out from the rug together with the dirt and grime.
  1. Vehicle Mounted Extraction: This utilizes a huge cleaning machine installed on a van or truck. The water is warmed up to a higher temperature and is shot into the rug at the high velocity which is possible in portable machines.

  2. Portable Removal: The rug is washed by a little machine applying hot tap water and operated by the electric power source in the house.
    Typically rented to handyman, many specialists utilize portable devices.
  • Rug Dry Washing
 Dry washing uses in-organic cleaning solutions in order to extract dirt and grime. You can find 3 dry-cleaning procedures:
  1. Dry Chemical substance: After a cleaning solution is used on the rug, a machine spins a large bonnet from side to side to absorb dirt and grime in the rug. As soon as the bonnet will be saturated with grime, it can be replace by another, clean bonnet and the procedure moves on.
  2. Dry Compound: Strong absorbency mixture similar to wet sawdust will be spread over the rug. The machine brushes this mixture into the rug to absorb the dirt and grime. Once the mixture dries, it can be vacuum-cleaned away, taking the grime with it.
  3. Dry Foam: A shampoo is utilized to the rug in order to dry out, than vacuumed up, taking the dirt and grime with it.

Practice Blogs

I gotta be honest...when I first got started, I was very leery of playing around with the HTML of my blog. I was so intimidated. I was worried that I was going to mess something up and lose my current template. So, what I did was create a separate blog whose sole purpose is to try new things out on. I now have a safe place to play!

Here's how to create a practice (test) blog:
Go to your dashboard. Click on 'create a blog'. Personalize it to your liking. I would recommend selecting 'minima' as your template. Most of my blog tutorials are based on my experience working with a blank minima template. You'll need to select another template to begin with, but will be able to change to minima easily once the blog is created.

Wanna hide your test blog? Simply go to your dashboard, edit profile, click on choose blogs to display and uncheck the box next to your practice blog. If you really want to keep people from eyeing your practice sessions, go to settings-->permissions and change your 'blog reader' setting to "only blog authors ". You could also change your basic settings for Blogger not to list your practice blog on search engines or add it to blogger's listings. Within minutes, you will have a secret place to practice your new skills away from the eyes of your readers.

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Where Did My Sidebar Go?

Recently, one of my blogging friends contacted me with a problem. She has a three column template and her third column had dropped down below her post section. She had made no changes to her template or sidebar items. One day the column was in the right place, the next it was at the bottom of her blog. Weird! 

I tried everything to get the third column back in the right place. I reinstalled her template, installed a different template on her blog, removed her sidebar items, tinkered with the widths of her post section and sidebars......nothing worked. I was stumped! It had to be a Blogger glitch...didn't it? 

We gave it a little time and the problem did not correct itself. Finally, I started going through her posts and seeing if one of them had perhaps caused the problem. I went to the homepage of her blog and clicked on her first post title. The sidebar popped back up into the right place! Then I went back to her homepage and clicked on another title and so on and so forth until I found the post that made the column drop down again. I went in, saved the post as a draft, and the problem was solved. 

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Post Tweets on Your Blog

Got a Twitter account? This tutorial will show you how to get the nifty little gadget above for the sidebar of your blog. Click on any of the images below to enlarge and open in a new window. 

To get the Twitter gadget for your blog:

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Create a Free Header with Picasa

I am super excited to share this tip with you!

Sarah over at Clover Lane has written an awesome tutorial on how to create a beautiful (free!) photo header like the one above. Check it out!

In order to use this tip, you will need to download Picasa, a free photo editing program by Google. Many of you are probably already using Picasa to store and edit your photos. It's pretty user friendly.

What are you waiting for? Hop on over to Clover Lane and learn how to make a header collage out of your favorite photos! :)

Adding Video to Posts

Ever want to add a personal video or a funny clip from You Tube to your blog? Adding video to your posts can be intimidating if you've never done it before. Luckily it's pretty easy to do! :)

You can use Blogger's video uploading tool or an outside source (like Photobucket or YouTube) to upload video to your blog. I prefer to use Photobucket to upload my videos. Why? Because the Blogger uploading tool takes several minutes (10+) to upload a 15 second video on my computer. It may be easier, but it drives me crazy.

If you are using the new editor, you will need to switch to the old editor in order to load a video via Blogger. You can easily switch to the old editor by going to your dashboard-->settings-->basic and scrolling all the way down. Select 'old editor' and save. When you are ready to switch back, just repeat the process selecting 'updated editor' instead.

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Image Protection: Disable Right Clicking

Several people have asked me how to prevent people from stealing the photos on their blog. Unfortunately NO photo that is displayed on the internet is 100% safe from piracy. However, there are things that you can do to help slow down people who wish to steal your stuff. Disabling right-clicks is one of them.

Keep in mind that if you disable right clicks that people will NOT be able to right click on anything on your blog. If one of your readers wants to right click to open a link in a new window or to copy anything from your blog, they will not be able to do so. I experimented with this the other day and forgot to enable right clicks again, which prevented people from being able to right click and copy the codes and such in my posts.
This tip is a beginner tip. You will simply be adding a gadget on your page elements page. If you make a mistake, simply remove the gadget and begin again. Easy peasy. :)

To Disable Right-Clicking:
1. Copy the code in the big box on this post written by MaXimus over at Dynamic Drive.
2. Go to your page elements page (dashboard-->layout-->page elements)
3. Click on 'add a gadget'.
4. Select 'HTML/Javascript'.
5. Paste the code that you copied in step 1 into the box. You can change the words 'Function Disabled!' to whatever message you'd like to display when someone right clicks on your blog. Be sure to leave the quotation marks!
6. Save.

You can also do this within the HTML of your template by following the tutorial that accompanies the code from step 1 over at Dynamic Drive.

Hope this helps! :)

Like my tips? Want to share them with your readers? I would LOVE for you to do so by grabbing my button and displaying it on your blog or by writing a post about my tips. Please do not copy and paste my tips into a post on your own blog. Thanks so much for spreading the word. I REALLY appreciate it!

Help!!! Need help?

If you need help with a particular issue, please take a look through my tips to see if I have already covered it. You can search for tips through my search bars, list of all tips, tips by category, or tips by ability. Be sure to read through the comments, as I often answer questions down there. The comments section is often more helpful than my actual tips!

If you cannot find what you're looking for, simply ask your question in a comment on any of my posts. Be sure to click on the "email follow up comments" box so that you will know when I reply. If I cannot answer your question, I will try my best to point you in the right direction. If I do not respond, please submit your comment again. I get LOTS of requests for help and occasionally I will overlook one. 

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How To Make A Grab Box For Your Button - Advanced

Easy Blog Tips!

This tutorial will show you how to put your button on your blog as well as create and install an HTML scrollbox so that others can put it on their blogs. These instructions assume that you already know how to create button-sized images. There are no risks to your template, but it is a tricky tutorial. It was not written for the beginning blogger, but for those who feel comfortable working with html gadgets. 
Follow these directions exactly. The first time I did this it took me well over a frustration-filled hour and I had to take several sanity breaks. Be patient and persistent. You will get this!
I am sure there is an easier way to do this. This is what works for me:

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The Art of Play + Productivity

It seems this season of life, this crazy beautiful stage constantly finds me scrambling and trying to catch up to a moving target, hustling to run a household, a business, a marriage and raise four children in the absolute best possibly way. I’m consistently behind...

The post The Art of Play + Productivity appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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That Indestructible Spirit

As a family, we spend a lot of time playing. Raising four children means we’re often dedicating time and energy to not only exploring when each child is the happiest, but also uncovering ways we can get them all involved in the same activity. It’s...

The post That Indestructible Spirit appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Everyday Superkid

We first realized our little Beau had super powers when he started walking at nine months of age. It wasn’t but a few weeks before that he was kicking a soccer ball across Central Park, and racing a scooter down the ramps at our building’s...

The post Everyday Superkid appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Eight Miles of Magic (and Comfort)

I never really knew how much I didn’t walk on a regular basis until we sold our cars and moved to New York City. Suddenly, my “easy” transportation everywhere became a daily routine of assessing the outside elements and mapping out our routes. We walked...

The post Eight Miles of Magic (and Comfort) appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Breaking Barriers with Imagination

One of my favorite, and also incredibly fascinating aspects of raising children in a big family is watching how their relationships change over the years. Jack and Zoe, being our first and 19 months apart in age, have always been very close. Their personalities and...

The post Breaking Barriers with Imagination appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Play For Life

One of the things that makes parenthood so wonderful, wacky, intense, complicated and challenging is the constant change that happens when kids inevitably progress through stages and ages. As soon as you have something figured out with one child, they grow out of it and...

The post Play For Life appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Motherhood Stories

It occurred to me the other day that I have been carrying around diapers in bags for over nine years, pretty much straight through. My lifetime as a mother has run the gamut in so many different ways; I began as a working mom of...

The post Motherhood Stories appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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The Best of Us

The family and I just came home from a long and involved vacation to Washington State. We flew with the kids to Seattle for a few nights and then rented a car and drove to an island off of the coast for a few more...

The post The Best of Us appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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Music for Life

We dance a lot. As a family, individually, randomly, and sometimes (Beau) when we shouldn’t be. Our life has a steady soundtrack to it consisting of mostly chatter, laughing, a little screaming and a whole lot of music. There’s something about a low melody that...

The post Music for Life appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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A Place to Read

It didn’t occur to me until recently how much I love our home. I love being home brimming with people and pets, I love the way the house smells when we’re cooking a yummy dinner or baking with the kids, I even love the reminders...

The post A Place to Read appeared first on Momma's Gone City.

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MARCH Centers

I'm super excited to finally finish my center tubs for MARCH. I uploaded my Literacy Centers last week and tonight I finally posted my Math Centers. I have tons of thematic units already created but since my class this year has different needs, I wanted to create new ones. Instead of sticking with one theme, I went with several to cover the month. My literacy centers are on a ten day rotation and my math centers are on an eight day rotation. Half have recording sheets, the other have are strictly hands on activities. Here is a peek at what you will find in my tubs this month. Click any picture to see more! 

Okay, I am off to bed. FIVE more days until Spring Break! I can do this. Love and virtual hugs.

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Marriage: The Gift of TIME

If ever I've earned a Spring Break, it's this one. My kids had SB last week because we are in different districts. They took turns coming to school with me. I think they understand my need for more naps this year. Ha! 

I'm currently in a car headed to Houston where the hubs and I will board a cruise ship for seven (hopefully) glorious days. We are cruising to Cozumel, Belize and Honduras. I'm hoping to get a good tan to help camouflage the inevitable weight gain. Though, Nick does this we will go to the gym everyday. Yeah, okay (wink, wink). 

If you read my blog often, you know how much I love my husband. He is my favorite person in the history of ever. Even if his common sense goes out the window when I'm around and I have to answer stupid questions (ha), I still puffy heart love him BIG. 

Nick and I will be married fifteen years this year. When we got married, we made a promise that we would take a vacation alone together every year. Most of them have been to nearby cities in Texas for three days or so but its always been a priority. So is a weekly date night. We go to dinner alone once a week. Sometimes dinner isn't possible and it's just running errands but it's just us....

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Bathing Suit Shopping is Dangerous. Maybe.

Oh Dear Lawd baby Jesus! (Please don't take offense to that..I love baby Jesus, and grown Jesus, and died for my sins Jesus..they are all my favorite!) 

What. A. Day. 

Let's start with the fact that I wake up after having only five hours asleep because my body hates me and my lungs are on vacation. I really should have abs of steel with all this coughing..or at least be able to know that I have abs in there somewhere. Ha! So, I dig around for my big girl panties and go to school. Four of my kids are absent. Strep is running rampant I think. I hate that for them. Honestly though, you would have thought I brought an extra ten kids with me if you measured the energy in the room. Why can't someone figure out how to bottle that stuff! We would be millionaires for sure. We can start with my own kids. They can volunteer as tribute. Ha! 

I didn't take my class outside for recess. They were super sweet though when I told them I didn't need to be in the wind because I didn't feel well. Instead we just raced around the classroom a hundred times. I kid. I kid. Maybe. Ha!

Then comes the fun part of my day: bathing suit shopping. Ugh. I'd rather eat glass. Well, maybe not glass but something...

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Prepping For Seuss Week

I tried sharing a few Seuss posts on my Facebook page last night but there are just too many and I know you won't see all of them. So, I decided to put ALL of my posts into one mega post.  Buckle up buttercup because this is going to be a long post filled with Seuss inspired learning fun! 

Post ONE
This week we are celebrating Dr. Seuss.  Each day we have a different theme based on a Seuss book. It's tons of FUN! Before the week started, I did a few prep things to get ready. First, I made this chart for us to work on word families as we read our books. After we read one of the books, I pass out the cards and students all help to fill them out with that particular word family. I will probably glue them to a chart tablet when we are done for future reference. 

I also printed out these sight words from Tammy at Live Laugh Love Kindergarten. It's serves as two functions. First, students can sort words in a center by the number of letters in a word. Then, I created a group game for us to play. I printed off a few Cat in the Hats and hid them behind three words. I called on students to pick a word, read it, and take it if they get it correct.  If there was a Cat in the Hat behind the...

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Embracing the Everyday

I learned fairly early on in parenthood that if I followed a natural, established path of abiding by certain standards, then the decisions made based on those values would present themselves in most situations. It’s a basic plan of decision making rooted in the very...

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A Sweet and Trusty Confidant

The days are long but the years are short. I remember exactly where I was when I heard this phrase for the first time, and it instantaneously brought me to tears. I was navigating though a new life with two babies in New York City...

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Momma’s Girls

I was a little nervous when I found out we were pregnant with our first little girl. Jack had turned one a few months prior and we were just getting the hang of having a baby boy toddling around and interested in everything that had...

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The Great Outdoor Sanctuary

We learned very early on in parenthood all about the benefits of nature and the outdoors. Jack was a very, very calm baby but on the occasion that he’d get upset, being outside under the enormous blue sky was the one thing that would calm...

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Making Time for Me

It seems as though just as January rolls around and I’m kicking my shoes off, relaxing into the deep recess of the dull, wintery, quiet days of the new year, my schedule has decided otherwise. I had barely exhaled from the craze of the holidays...

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The 100th Day of School is Coming!

This post is filled with ghosts of 100th Day past. My hundredth day isn't until Thursday but I thought I would look back at the years past to help me plan. Here are some of my favorite activities from previous years. This year I plan to have five stations that students will rotate through. We will pull a few new tricks out of our party hats that I will post about later. For now, I hope you will enjoy this combination of throw back posts! 

Here are a few creative ways you can count practice counting to 100.  Most importantly, kids are doing the work. :) These are displayed in our Kinder hall by my teammates and I. We each do different things so they are fun to look at. 

Counting by 10's, 5's, and 1's to 100!

I love this idea of counting to 100 by using pipe cleaners to make tally marks. 

Have each student brings a bag of 100 items.  We send home a note and a bag a week before our celebration.  We get out the 100's charts so students can count each other's items. My teammate, Paula, took it a little further.  She took some away from a few bags and added items to a few bags so not all would equal 100.  Then the graphed their results. LOVE!

On the 100th day, I always do table rotations....

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Building STAMINA in Young Learners

What is STAMINA?

Stamina is the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.

Why is stamina important to teachers and for students?

Just like you build the stamina to run long distance, you also need to build stamina to read, write, listen, and even sit. Everything we do is affected by stamina.

A child’s ability to do anything for a long period of time absolutely affects what they are able to learn. As a teacher, it is unfair to expect students to do something that they have not been taught, seen modeled, and practiced. Practice builds stamina. We can’t expect a five year old to come into class the first week of school and sit on the carpet for a ten minute lesson, holding their attention without interruption. They have most likely not built the stamina to do that yet. The same thing is true for expecting a child to read at their seat quietly and independently when this is something they have not practiced or built stamina for.

How can you help build a child’s stamina?

Set realistic expectations and goals. If your goal is to have your children reading independently for thirty minutes by the end of the year, back it up and divide the amount of time out to set weekly...

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Prepping For February!

Y'all! What in the world is going on with January? I feel like it was just 2015 yesterday. Ha! No really, this year just started and it's already flying by. I'm not going to complain because I am totally enjoying my three day weekend at the moment. I may even take down our Christmas tree today. Yes, you read that correctly. My tree is STILL UP. Sigh. In my defense, we did spend the last eight days of the Christmas break traveling to Disney World and back. An 18 hour road trip there and back is not usually my idea of fun but it was a GREAT trip! My girl got to mascot at the Citrus Bowl on New Year's Day. So cool! My mom went with us too which was such a blessing. The memories we made with my kids and each other were just priceless! Before booking our trip, I told my husband if he was going to go and hate life (because he hates crowds of people and amusement parks, ha) to please save us a thousand dollars and stay home. No one would think he was a bad dad or husband. So, he didn't go. Ha! (Really, I was relieved because I knew he would hate it!) I felt like a hustler for months while I fundraised for this trip but it was so worth it. I am so proud of my daughter for getting All...

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Preparing Your Child For Kindergarten

There are so many things you can do at home to help prepare your child for kindergarten.  As a kindergarten teacher, I know I will have students with all skill levels enter my classroom on the first day of school.  Don’t stress over what your child doesn’t know.  What they don’t know, they will learn. 

Here are some things you can do over the summer to help your child make the transition easier.

Let your child explore. Give them paper and crayons or watercolors and let them color and paint. These are super important for building fine motor skills.  I am always amazed how many children come to school and have never held a pencil, colored with crayons or cut with scissors. Yes, I said cut with scissors. I know that can be scary, but it’s important that they are given the opportunity.  Create a cutting tub where you have tissue paper inside and they are only allowed to cut the tissue paper. Make sure they are cutting with children’s scissors that are created to fit their tiny hands. By doing these things, their hand muscles get stronger and because of this, they will be better writers.

Provide your child with a problem and allow them to come up with a solution. If you have multiple...

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How Do You Allow Your Students To Sit On The Carpet?

How do you allow your students to sit on the carpet when you are teaching/reading whole group?

This probably doesn’t seem like an important question.  For the longest time, I required “criss cross apple sauce.”  That is, until I attended a session at Frog Street Press’ Splash Conference with Marianne Gibbs. Marianne is the author and creator of Write Out Of The Box. She is an occupational therapist with tons of wonderful wisdom.  You should totally sign up to receive her newsletter.   

I realized my desire for my students to sit perfectly all in the same position strictly had to do with what I wanted, not what they needed.  I would get so frustrated when they would wiggle or lay back, as if it was an act of disobedience. 

After attending Marianne’s workshop, I felt like I was a whole new teacher.  I realized how children are building their gross motor stamina for sitting and that every little (or big) movement is often fulfilling a sensory need.  They are building their core strength and balance and that takes time.  Lord knows, my core strength is in the toilet. Haha!

It no longer was about what I wanted but about giving them a choice to decide what they needed. There is a big...

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Magical Makeover

Joy. Happiness. Bliss.

To say I am excited would be an understatement.

I am so happy to reveal my blog redesign.  I am no easy client. I am opinionated, picky and when I have a vision in my head, it just must come to life. Ha! It has taken me six months to really figure out what I wanted before I could pick a designer.

Luckily, I found an amazing designer in Gabby.  She was fast working, thorough and breathed life into the vision in my head and the desire in my heart. 

You can check out Gabby's website by clicking here.

Here’s the deal. If you have followed me for a while, I am not just a teacher blogger.  If you read this explosion of hot mess, you know that I’ve been married for a hundred years. I’ve adopted three children who have grown into three crazy (said with love) teenagers. I am stilltrying to get pregnant because my body just decided (after losing 70 pounds) to work.  Clearly, I understand fertility issues.

I am not just a teacher.

I am a wife, mother, worshiper, believer, mover-going, best friend, chai tea drinker, want-to-be healthy person, and yes, a teacher.  I think most of all, here…in this place…I am transparent. I am real.

I am just ME.

So, when I decided that I...

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Using Centers To Create Learning Experiences

Literacy centers have always been my students’ favorite part of the day.  I am always sad when I talk to teachers and they say they don’t have time for centers anymore.  I realize that the pressure we are under as kindergarten teachers has increased greatly the past few years, but at the end of the day our students are still only five years old.  They learn best by hands-on activities and play, which is all the more reason centers should be a staple in all kindergarten classrooms.o:p>

Centers in my classroom vary depending on needs and ability levels.  When I create groups, I try to consider a balance with a stronger student and a student that may require more assistance.  My centers are on an eight to ten center rotation. I have 2-3 students in each center. I have done centers every way possible but I have found that small groups definitely work best. I also mix up my groups once a month so students have opportunity to work with more peers and build those relationships. 
How I do centers at the beginning of the year and how I do them second semester is totally different because my students are capable of so much more and can handle the freedom of more choices. 

While students are...

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Fertility: A Current State of Mind

Oh, sweet fertility.  You are not a friend of mine. Ha! I told you I planned on blogging more about my life so here's what's on my mind. 

If you want to read more about my fertility past, you can read here and here. 

Fast forward....I've been taking clomid for the last two months. I actually just finished my third round yesterday. I'm taking the 150mg dose.  Basically my doctor told me that you can really only take it for six months so I have four more chances before going to greater extremes. No pressure or anything. Ugh.  My husband has been so sweet and supportive (even though I may have been a tad hormonal during my last cycle, ehem). 

So, I have been using the Kindra app and charting my temp and symptoms. I also invested in the fancy and not so fancy ovulation tests.  For the last two months, my temperature has shown me when I was going to ovulate and then the tests confirmed.  We've been doing our part every day (winky face..TMI?) but it's been a no go the last two months.  Sigh.  I called my doctor after I started last week because I was a little frustrated.  I asked to go ahead and have the dye test.  I have put it off for a long time because I heard it hurts bad but at...

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You're Going To Put That Where?

Oh, snap.

So I went to our local hospital yesterday for the hysterosalpingogram test. My sister was so sweet to go with me. Actually, I wanted a driver so I could take a muscle relaxer before I went. I knew it was a toss up. Half of the people I know expereince pain and the other half said it was no biggy. Either way, I wanted to be prepared.

After changing into my oh so flattering hospital gown, I layed on the table. I brought my own socks because I hate getting cold feet. Ha! See what I did there?

Then, the doctor inserted the dreaded speculum. This should be just like your normal lady visit but not for this hot mess patient. Nope. He had trouble seeing my uterus and then when I did see it, he couldn’t find the opening. So he kept moving the speculum around and further in. I’m pretty sure you could have used it to tickly my throat if necessary. Cue big tears. Luckily, my sister rushed over to hold my hand, brush my bangs back and calmingly prompt me to try and stay calm and breath. My daughter was supposed to take me but I was worried she would be late to work so I asked my sister instead. I’m so glad it worked out that way because she knew just how to calm me...

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Kicking & Screaming

Oh good grief!  Before going to the beach my computer was functioning so nicely but now it's become a piece of junk (can you sense my anger/frustration).  I can't get it to do anything and I restarted it at least 10 times today.   While I was gone my sweet husband got on it to do something and swears that it wasn't working then.  Ugh! I really don't want to take it to the computer doctor.  So now I'm on my iPad.   This makes me want to throw an adult size tantrum and say a few bad words. Who has wine? I need wine stat!

Anyway,  I'm currently in the process of packing my son for camp for two weeks and gathering things for me to pack for Vegas next week.   Have I ever mentioned how much I love to pack?   It's actually one of my favorite parts of traveling.   That probably makes me a big weirdo Huh?   

Though I love to present, I'm kinda excited that I'm not presenting at I teach K this year so I can just go and have fun with my friends.  The Teacher/Blogger meet up Wednesday night kind of makes me want to break out the hives with almost a thousand people attending...and I'm a people person.  So really the most important question in all this is what the heck am I supposed to wear?...

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Top 10 iPad Apps For Kids!

Disclaimer: Most pictures and descriptions (some edited by me) are from You can click on any name to go to iTunes to see more or download the app. Some apps are free while others you have to purchase.  These are all apps that my students and I have used in my classroom. We are super fans!


This app teaches letter sounds.  Children match an image to the correct letter showing the beginning sound.

Backyard Phonics Adventure


Backyard Phonics Adventure was designed by a kindergarten teacher with both students and teachers in mind. It uses letters and pictures to teach children letters and their sounds as well as beginning phonics. You can match a beginning sound to a letter or a beginning sound to another picture with the same beginning sound.



Listen to the word the BINGO Bug speaks and tap on the corresponding word on the screen. Get four words correct vertically, horizontally or diagonally to get BINGO and win! The quicker you get BINGO the better your score. Your score is based on time and the lower the score, the better. Earn a BINGO Bug when you beat your best score.

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds &...

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#25DaysOfColor-It's Good To Be GREEN

If you know me, you know I LOVE color. I am not afraid to wear it, decorate with it, or fill my world with it. I am thrilled to team up with the amazing company Astrobrights Papers this summer.  They are working hard to give teachers some amazing tips and ideas for bringing color into their classrooms. Color paper can add creativity to everything we do in our classroom.  

For 25 days, Astrobrights Papers will feature a project using a different color of Astrobrights Papers, providing ideas and inspiration on how to #ColorizeYourClassroom. “For more ideas on how to Colorize Your Classroom, be sure to follow #25DayysofColor, Astrobrights Papers social feeds and visit 

It's Good To Be Green!

In this post, I am using Terra Green paper to create my Student Information forms.  Each year, I print these on Astrobrights Papers card stock and have parents fill them out at Meet the Teacher. I alphabetize them by first name. I then punch a hole in the corner and put them on a ring that hangs right next to my classroom phone.  This way, if I need to call a parent, I do not need to pull up the information on the computer. I just grab my ring and the information is...

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Wonderful Idea Wednesday

Here are two of my favorite easy peasy lemon squeezy things I do in my room. They aren't  anything genius so don’t be prepared to be mind blown. Haha!

First, I don’t do classroom jobs. Gasp! I know. Deep breathes. You can keep reading. I have had ten jobs and even twenty-two jobs in the past but I was always forgetting who did what and when.  I felt like I was chasing my tail. Then, my I noticed how my genius teaching partner handled classroom jobs and it was like LAAAAA….(cue in angelic light and music). She had a Super Star of the day, and ONE kid held ALL jobs. What?? How could this work? I would only have to remember one kid's name for jobs each day? She had star die cuts on a ring hanging on her calendar wall. She changed the star each day. So, I ran over to my room and dug in my die cut basket thingy. No stars. Bummer. At last…hearts. I can do that, right? Cue in the Sweetheart of the Day. Genius! 

At the very beginning of the day I give clues as to who the sweetheart is. Clues can be "this person is a boy", "this person's name has three syllables" "this person's name starts with the same beginning sound as fish", etc.  The Sweetheart of the Day takes the lunch count to...

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Must Have Monday

I'm super excited to link up with my friends at Freebielicious this week for some back to school fun. I'm not going to lie, typing the words "back to school" make me a little nauseous. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my job but man, oh man, has this summer flown by.  Currently, I am healing up from having my gallbladder removed last Thursday which totally wasn't planned but ended up being immediately necessary. Yeah, I don't do lay on the couch and watch t.v. for days well. 

I have made several lists of things I need to conquer and buy as we near the end of July.  Really back to school will be here before we know it. So, what are my classroom must haves?

FLAIR PENS! These are my absolute favorite pens and completely necessary for taking notes, writing notes, etc.

Pip Squeak Markers & Golf Pencils:  I don't give my students full size pencils at the beginning of the year.  All students write (trace) with pip squeaks and golf pencils. It is SO much better for their little hands as they are building those fine motor muscles. 

ASTORBRIGHTS COLORED CARDSTOCK: There are a ton of things I will make for Meet the Teacher, back to school, etc. that I will color coordinate with my Astrobrights...

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A few nights ago, I spent time with one of my best friends and we talked about how I was doing with the whole baby thing.  I shared with her that I am in a really good place.  I actually feel some relief from the last test because there could possibly be something wrong. That sounds crazy right. Well, before I would get upset because  nothing made sense. There was no reason that I wasn't getting pregnant.  Now, there  may be a reason if my left tube is blocked.  In a weird way, that relieves some pressure. 

Anyway, I am really good.  I feel like not everyone believes me when I say that but its true.  I love that I am surrounded by so many people that love me and care.  I also love that my best friend knows my cycle because she's committed to helping me get pregnant LOL. My favorite is the text "It's baby week, get busy." Ha! 

We end our conversation with the fact that she was worried that I would just be sad if it didn't happen and she said I need to understand that I'm a great mom to my three kids I have. I told her that if never had a baby, my life would still be complete because I love my family that God has given me. 

I also told her that sometimes the sadness (really...

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